DSA 2: Der Phex-Tempel in Tiefhusen
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Temple of Phex in Tiefhusen (Automap made by Kunar)


01) You cannot pass through this door. Hensger has locked you up!
02) You find 10 ration packages here
03) A high perception skill will allow you to discover secret walls. They are a bit brighter than ordinary wall sections
04) When you approach the chest, a fight against some priests, who are joined by a high priest after several rounds, will develop. The chest itself contains a golden throwing axe
05) A portcullis blocks the way back
06) If you pick up the recipe for money crapper, you will have to face 4 skeleton warriors
07) This block of stone is lifted up if you picked up the recipe at 6
08) You find a recipe for magic potion here. After picking it up the portcullis at 5 opens
09) You may avoid the pit if your leader passes a test on perception. Otherwise you will get hurt slightly
10) This secret door unlocks by solving the riddle at 11
11) The correct answer to the question is: AT NIGHT. A false answer brings 4 golems to the scene
12) A pairs game. Uncover three foxes to unlock the secret door at 13
13) This secret door can only be opened by solving the pairs game at 12
14) The plaque warns of Boron's curse. If you examine it, 4 skeleton warriors get ready for battle. The loot is a blue key
15) This door opens if you have the blue key (see 14) with you
16) Donate at least 51 ducats at the offertory bowl and the secret door at 21 will be unlocked. If the bowl is getting plundered you will be teleported inside the snail labyrinth (see 18)
17) The crossbow trap is active if you did not donate at the offertory bowl (see 16) or plundered it
18) To leave the snail labyrinth you have to deal with four fights against three skeleton warriors lurking between the pillars. Afterwards a passage opens in the north wall
19) The teleporter relocates you inside the snail labyrinth. You may overcome it by walking backwards
20) This chest holds a Phex' shield and a Phex' helmet. If you pick them up, a Poltergeist is blocking the way back. Cast "Banish spirits" to drive him away
21) This piece of wall disappears if you donate 51 ducats (or more) at the offertory bowl (see 16)
22) Here you meet Hensger again, who is accompanied by a high priest and the young adept, who sent you on the quest to recover Star Trail at the time in Kvirasim. Bow to the statue and do not attack them, otherwise you will be executed in case you try to spend the night at an inn in Tiefhusen. Furthermore you are rewarded with a lot of EPs if you keep calm!
23) After the conversation you may leave the temple by going upstairs at this point

Translation by Peridor
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