DSA 2: Die Blutzinnen - 1. Ebene
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The Blood Peaks - First Level (Automap made by Kunar)


01) The exit leads to the outside
02) At these points you may run into orcs occasionally. If this happens too often, the alarm is raised
03) A weapon rack
04) Statue of the orcish war god Brazoragh. By destroying it you will rise in the estimation of the Gods. Ignoring it is a matter that Praios will take badly. If you even donate something the wrath of all Gods will be upon you
05) A fight against some orcs takes place in case you enter these rooms.
06) Chest: 4 daggers, 2 sabres, 3 pieces of orc jewelry, 2 torches, 2 wine bottles, 1 brandy bottle and 38 silver coins
07) Chest: 2 daggers, 5 pieces of orc jewelry, gold jewelry, 3 wine bottles, brandy bottle, whirlweed, tarnele, 2 four-leaved loneberries and 49 silver coins
08) Danger of a caving in threatens at these points
09) A pot helmet is lying in the corner
10) You discover a statue of Gravesh, the orcish god of smithery. If you plunder it, Ingerimm will be displeased too
11) Drinking the water from the well temporary raises your CR and LP
12) You may find a mattock and a sabre between the rubbish
13) 4 orcish war dogs are residing in the kennel. If you kill them throughout the bars you will receive no EP
14) Chest: whip, brandy bottle, strong healing potion and 2 ration packages
15) The ogres' living rooms (search the straw) hold little treasures from time to time, though finding them requires an outstanding perception skill seemingly
16) A high perception skill allows you to discover a tripwire here
17) The altar is dedicated to the orcish god of Death, Tairach
18) Pile of weapons: 9 spears, 5 sabres, 2 orc sabres, 2 gruuf sharks, skraja, sword and an orc hook
19) The pits may be detected and avoided assuming a high perception skill
20) Store room: Lots of rations and alcohol
21) Chest: 20 torches, lantern and 5 oils
22) The armory contains a lot of weapons and armors
23) Chest: 3 iron helmets, ring armor, 3x shurin bulb poison, 2x fear poison, golden glue, kukris
24) The skeleton of a dwarven adventurer carries several ducats and a hatchet
25) The crossbow trap is triggered only if you move from the north to the south
26) You fall into this pit if you move from the east to the west and have the copper key (level 3, location 13) with you. A fight against two stagga beetles follows
27) Stairs leading up to level 2
28) These secret doors can only be opened with the cast iron key (see level 3, location 13)

Translation by Peridor

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