DSA 2: Die Blutzinnen - 2. Ebene
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The Blood Peaks - Second Level (Automap made by Kunar)


01) Stairs leading down to level 1
02) At these points you may run into orcs occasionally. If this happens too often, the alarm is raised
03) The door can only be opened with the cast iron key (level 3, location 13)
04) This door can only be opened with the arrow key (see 33)
05) The shelves in the store room contain some merchant's goods
06) This chest should contain all herbs and elixirs you had with you as you were captured by the orcs. As you might have guessed, this is not the case. The chest is always empty
07) Several orcs are standing in the way. The adjoining room to the east holds a red MR-ring if you are able to defeat the combat dogs guarding it
08) Facing the statue of Brazoragh, one hero succumbs to his avarice and begins to scrape off the gold busily. Loot: 3 pieces of gold jewelry
09) A small pile of arena fighters' weapons: 3 daggers (heavy), 3 spears, shield, morning star
10) One of the orcs in this room is carrying a pliers key
11) Chest: skraja, 3 daggers, lantern, 5 pieces of orc jewelry, oil, 2 brandy bottles, lynx key, healing potion and 510 silver coins
12) You should not search the orcs' messy sleeping places
13) Chest: chainmail shirt, pot helmet, dagger (heavy), 3 pieces of orc jewelry, brandy bottle, gold jewelry, sleeping poison and 410 silver coins
14) One of the orcs is carrying a spectacled key
15) You find 19 spears and one pike on the shelf
16) There is a round opening in the ceiling above this shelf. Using a spear, a pike or a stave, you may uncover a passage to the south. This cannot be done with the magical spear found in Blade of Destiny by the way
17) There are merchant's goods on the shelves mainly, additionally you find 2 winter coats and a francesca (throwing hatchet)
18) This chest should contain all pieces of armor you had with you, as you were captured by the orcs. And yes, annoyingly this is not true once again. The chest is always empty
19) The pit trap is active if you were discovered by the orcs and as a result the alarm was raised
20) There is alcohol and rations on the shelves
21) The water from the well temporary raises your CR
22) Table: 2 knives, dagger, tarnele, rations
23) Prison cell: You find the orcish NPC Thurazz in here. He will support you until you manage to leave the fortress
24) Prison cell: The NPC Praiodan vom Tann is imprisoned here. Being a shapeshifter who impersonates himself as a warrior, he will stick with your party longer than all other NPCs do. His companionship has to be handled with care however!
25) If you handed over the Salamander Stone to the battlemages near Lowangen, you will find a dead mage holding the stone in this cell. In case you defeated the mages, the cell will be empty
26) These cells tend to be empty usually. If you were captured by the orcs, your heroes will find themselves in one of the cells marked with 26
27) You find a mirror amulet in this cell
28) The chest can only be opened with the pliers key (location 10). Content: 3x arax poison, 2x fear poison, golden glue, 5 tarneles, 2 healing potions and 3 black phials. These phials contain antidote, which is necessary to fight the queen spider at location 32
29) There is danger of rocks dropping down at these points
30) Cut through the spiderwebs. In most cases you will have to fight several cave spiders afterwards.

Only with these kinds of weapons you are able to cut the spiderwebs:

  • all swords
  • all axes
  • all pointed weapons
  • all two-handed weapons

Note: It's not possible to burn down the spiderwebs with a burning torch in hand or using the burn-spell!

31) Examine the skeleton and do not deny the question. After battling some cave spiders, you find a magical sword in your baggage, which reduces the bearer's MP and stealth skill by one. A single hero is chanceless in this situation! By the way: Even a witch or a warlock can use the magical sword, but only in Star Trail
32) If you destroy the clutch, the queen spider will attack you. Be sure you drank the phials from the chest at location 28, otherwise your heroes will not survive this encounter. Split your party in such a way that only the three heroes who drank the phials face the queen
33) This niche opens after a successful fight and holds (among other things) the arrow key opening the door at 4
34) You may cut through this spiderweb without being attacked by spiders
35) The stagga beetles' nests are full of maggots. Search them repeatedly and you shall find a few goodies, though they are not always equal to the ones shown in the text box
36) Several stagga beetles have settled down here
37) You may climb up here in order to reach level 3. It is easier to use the stairs instead (see 38)
38) Stairs leading up to level 3

Translation by Peridor

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