DSA 2: Die Blutzinnen - 3. Ebene
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The Blood Peaks - Third Level (Automap made by Kunar)


01) Stairs leading down to level 2
02) At these points you may run into orcs occasionally. If this happens too often, the alarm is raised
03) Shrine of Tairach: mummified hand, copper disk
04) According to the solution book, this chest can only be opened with the cast iron key (see 13) and the copper disk (see 3). Due to a bug the chest will remain closed however, so do not waste your time on this object
05) You find winter and climbing equipment on the shelves
06) Chest: 3 writing utensils, 3 glass flasks, lute and an alchemy set
07) Chest: 20 torches, 3 lanterns, 10 oils
08) A war axe is lying on the floor
09) This crossbow trap may be disarmed
10) The orcs' war chest: 11 pieces of gold jewelry, 13 pieces of silver jewelry, 20 pieces of orc jewelry and 3211 silver coins in total
11) Chest: the orcish war flag can be torned joyfully
12) This room is just another smithy
13) Chest: robe, winter coat, boots (the only pair!), kukris dagger, 2 wine bottles, copper key, cast iron key
14) The lever deactivates the crossbow trap at 15
15) The crossbow trap is active only if the alarm was raised (see 2). It can be disarmed however
16) You may simply pass through this secret door
17) This exit leads to the outside and is a back entrance if you approach the Blood Peaks from Arsingen
18) 14 orcs and 5 orc veterans linger in the big hall
19) The goulash from the cauldron is saturating, however tasting it costs one LP per hero
20) There is a sword and a brandy bottle in the straw
21) There is plenty of rations and alcohol on the shelves
22) The chest should contain some of the items you had with you as you were captured by the orcs. This is not the case however, as the chest is always empty
23) You find a lot of weapons and armors on the shelves including special equipment for the orcish NPC Thurazz (see level 2, location 23). The chest contains 5 orc sabres, 3x shurin bulb poison, 2x fear poison, sleeping poison, golden glue and kukris
24) Chest: 5 throwing knives, 2x golden glue, menchal cactus, healing potion, 2 wine bottles and a brandy bottle
25) A high perception skill allows you to avoid the pit
26) Chest: 4 wine bottles, 2 brandy bottles, 5 pieces of orc jewelry, 2 silver jewelry, gold jewelry and a born thorn
27) Chest: crossbow, 20 bolts, 2x golden glue, 2 menchal cacti and silver jewelry
28) There is some gold jewelry in the straw
29) This chest cannot be opened! It requires a modified dexterity and lockpicking-skill, which can only be achieved using a hex editor
30) Chest: 3 pieces of orc jewelry, 2 brandy bottles, flute, 2 tarneles and 199 silver coins
31) Chest: orc sabre, dagger (heavy), orcish leather armor, 5 wine bottles, 2 brandy bottles, orc jewelry, silver jewelry
32) Chest: 2 sabres, 4 daggers, 3 pieces of orc jewelry, 2 torches, tinderbox, 2 blankets, 5 brandy bottles
33) You may find whirlweed in the straw
34) The stone sacophargus can be opened if the ST of the first two heroes amounts to 38 at least. A fight against an undead dwarf follows

Translation by Peridor

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