DSA 2: Tempel des Namenlosen - 1. Ebene
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Vault beneath Tjolmar / Temple of the Nameless - First Level (Automap made by Obi-Wahn)


01) Entrance to Ingramosch's house, by which you can leave it as well
02) After the fight against the dwarf and his accomplices you receive a document and find yourselves at this point
03) With the help of the codes on the document you are able to open a secret door by counting the wall sections starting at the entrance door. If you hear a grating noise coming from inside the examined wall, you got the right section (pay attention to the text boxes showing up)
04) Several cave spiders defending their territory
05) The portcullis shuts down once you cross the ramp
06) You may discover a flame key in the pot with the strange tree. The danger of getting poisoned is very high
07) In order to leave this place, split your party so that one hero may pull the hooks hidden in the ornamental eye sockets. After this, the rest of the party is able to pull up the portcullis (see 5) easily. Let the single hero rejoin the party and leave this place together via the ramp, which will cause the portcullis to shut down again. Of course you may even cast "Transversalis" to leave this section
08) In the guard rooms you are attacked by cultists
09) Hitting the gong alarms the guards if you have not defeated them before (see 8)
10) This gong does not make a sound
11) The most interesting thing you may find on this shelf is an elixir of WD
12) A troll will put up a fight against you
13) The chest contains (among other things) a strong magic potion and 3 dried whirlweeds. The blue ring is just decoration and not magical
14) At the statue, Hesinde herself speaks to you. If you donated 1000 silver coins at the temple of Hesinde in Lowangen or Tiefhusen, a spellcaster can get his "Melt solid"-spell raised to 15 while losing 4 AP. Non-spellcasters may receive a permanent WD-gain of 2, losing 7 LP in return. In any case this is worth 2500 EP. Make sure your heroes are worthy otherwise Hesinde will be wrathful
15) Place yourselves on the eastern ramp and cast „Melt solid". The female warrior is released from the block of ice, the well water starts to melt and apart from the NPC Helen you receive another flame key
16) This door can only be opened with a flame key, which gets stuck in the lock afterwards
17) Four ghouls scare your heroes. The least courageous hero drops behind several squares and may rejoin the party after the fight (see automap)
18) Chest: dragon slayer, 2 green rings protecting from fire, 1 red fire banning amulet and a super healing potion. In order to open the chest, the second flame key is necessary!
19) The pseudo stairs do not lead to level 2, but teleport your heroes to different locations of level 1 instead
20) Behind an illusionary wall, you discover a statue of the Nameless. Take the small statuette with you!
21) Another illusionary wall
22) Open the door with the black statuette (see 20)
23) Downwards to level 2

Translation by Peridor
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