DSA 2: Tempel des Namenlosen - 2. Ebene
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Temple of the Nameless - Second Level (Automap made by Obi-Wahn)


01) Stairs leading up to level 1
02) Besides some gardening tools, you discover a bronze key if you examine the shelf twice
03) This secret door must be searched for and opened afterwards
04) You may fill your waterskins at this well
05) You may find dried whirlweed in the jars on this shelf. The herb is foul and will cause harm to your heroes if they take it in. Cast "Abvenenum" to achieve the desired healing effect
06) You find a fishing hook in this bed
07) In this bed you may find an otterskin
08) In this corridor you will have to face 5 crossbow traps in a row. You may reduce the harm done to your heroes by walking backwards through this passage
09) Simply pass through this illusionary wall
10) There is a recipe for sleeping potion and some silver coins on the tables
11) The chest contains 10 healing potions
12) Two tusk tigers await you here
13) The cages are inhabited by one tusk tiger each time
14) The chest contains 100 ducats
15) 2 healing potions, sleeping poison and 10 silver coins may be found in this chest
16) The secret door can only be opened with the bronze key (see 2)
17) Five cave spiders are on the prowl
18) Each skeleton warrior guards a quarter of an amulet. Hurry up to defeat all 4 of them (18, 18a - 18c) so the secret door at 20 will open with the help of the now complete amulet. Each defeated skeleton warrior frees another passage (19a - 19c). However, the warriors regenerate after some time and will recover the quarters by use of magic as long as the secret door at 20 has not been opened. Use spells like "Great need", "Paralyze" or "Ball and chain" to speedup the fights. Do not dawdle
19) These passages open if the corresponding skeleton warrior is defeated. Warrior (18a) opens passage (19a) and so on
20) This secret door opens if you have all 4 quarters of the amulet together
21) Stairs leading down to level 3. If you have the NPC Helen (see level 1, location 15) with you she will say goodbye and flee at this point. In case she had valuable items in her baggage, they will be lost! While descending the stairs, the Salamander Stone is stolen by a mage. You get him back after the final battle

While descending the stairs to level 3, it may happen that the game gets stuck if you play with the music turned on. In this case, enter the menu with F3, deactivate the music, descend the stairs and turn it on again afterwards.

Translation by Peridor
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