DSA 2: Tempel des Namenlosen - 3. Ebene
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Temple of the Nameless - Third Level (Automap made by Obi-Wahn)


01) Stairs leading back to level 2
02) A stone tablet whose text is very important for you
03) The knight is carrying a cult-document
04) The combination for the lock can be obtained as follows: search the letters of the word CULT on the stone tablet. Their position within the line results in the right combination, which is 1325. After you have set the right combination, you may pass through the wall
05) Simply pass through these illusionary walls
06) The three teleporters (look on the floor) are interconnected. This means you are teleported between the locations marked with 6. It may actually happen that your position will not change
07) These secret doors are difficult to find if your perception skill fails
08) Each of the pillars has two letters on it. Pieced together in the right way a name is revealed, which needs to be mentioned at the foremost pillar
09) At this pillar, you are asked for the name of this vault's lord. The correct answer is ARKANDOR. A false answer brings 2 fire elementals to the scene
10) If you give the correct answer (see 9) this secret door will open
11) At the statue of a demon, one of your heroes will start to panic. The hero with the highest charisma may calm him/her down. Afterwards you have a special helmet and a dragon claw in your baggage
12) This door opens automatically if you carry the dragon claw (see 11)
13) The desk contains nothing of interest. In this part of the vault you have to deal with fights mainly
14) Arkandor lies in wait here. After you have defeated this final enemy, Ingramosch teams up with you and the wall at 15 disappears. You have retrieved the Salamander Stone as well!
15) You may pass through here if you have defeated Arkandor before
16) This is the exit from the vault and the end of Star Trail as well. After the final credits, you may save your game in order to import your heroes to Shadows over Riva

Translation by Peridor
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