DSA 2: Kvirasim (Stadtkarte)
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Kvirasim City Map (Automap made by Kunar)


01) Temple of Peraine
02) Market (each Fireday). One day after the game starts, market is open and you will be offered ALL wares. This is a unique occasion however, as the offer will be reduced the next time.
03) Merchant "Jadwina Grunsten"
04) Herbalist "Ancoron". If you invested your money into herbs at the end of "Blade of Destiny", you may sell them now to have a starting capital
05) Healer "Daleone Morningdew". Is able to cure petrified heroes and the best healer in the game. Probability of a successful healing is 99%, according to the official Star Trail solution book
06) "Lovely Meadow" tavern. Here, Elsurion Starlight, the elven ambassador you met after leaving the temple of Peraine, will introduce you to your quest. Additionally, you receive a dubious offer from a twilight merchant
07) "Peraine's table" tavern
08) "Rest" inn. Nightly visit of a young priest of Phex, who sends you on a quest to find Star Trail
09) Route point (South)

Translation done by Peridor
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