DSA 2: Gashok (Stadtkarte)
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Gashok City Map (Automap made by Kunar)


01) Route point (North), leading to Hillhouse - Kvirasim or Tiefhusen. When entering Gashok for the first time, you are hit by a well-aimed crossbow bolt fired from an ambush.
02) Temple of Boron
03) Temple of Praios
04) Temple of Phex
05) "Second Home" tavern
06) "Safe shelter" inn. Exquisite menus!
07) "All Roads" inn. If you choose to stay for the night, you will witness a nightly gathering on the market place (skill "Ritual" is tested)
08) "Svellt Thaler" tavern. Dwarves are not welcome here!
09) "Night and Day" tavern
10) Merchant "Praiadne Oldenstein"
11) Merchant "Raul Zumendick". Has a way more distinguished stock than Praiadne
12) Healer "Ernbrecht Tralloper". Most incompetent healer in the game
13) Market (each Praiosday). Stock varies weekly
14) Herbalist "Gerlanje". Open all days and the only herbalist offering miracle cures and anti-disease elixirs. Instead of consulting Ernbrecht Tralloper, better use one of those. Gerlanje is the person to talk to concerning various happenings in and around Gashok
15) Smith "Rowena Pauspiarken". Elves will not be served
16) Herbalist "Ginya Ingborn". Ginya has a slightly more diverse stock than Gerlanje, though this is not significant
17) Erholt of Tiefhusen. Newcomer, who is innocent however
18) Valpor Hesindian of Kuslik. The first address you receive from Gerlanje. Is innocent too and mentions the names of Erholt and Deregorn
19) Deregorn of Thunderbreech. Break into his house and kill him. Afterwards, search his home for a document, which will identify him as a leader of the Order of Anathema
20) Route point (East), leading to a grove, where the elven miller Artherion can be found and (Southeast), leading to Reichsend
21) Route point (South), leading to New Lowangen - Lowangen
22) A burnt out mill, which needs to be investigated

Translation done by Peridor
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