DSA 2: Finsterkoppen (Stadtkarte)
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Finsterkoppen City Map (Automap made by Kunar)


01) Route point (East), leading to the Finsterkamm
02) "Red Earth" tavern
03) "Blackbeard's" tavern
04) "Hammer and Anvil" tavern
05) Entrance portal. Elves, druids and witches are not allowed to enter the pit. You should use appropriate spells (like "Visibili" or "Harmless") to disguise them or make them invisible, so they can walk past the dwarf guards.
06) Temple of Ingerimm. Ask the priest about the "Dwarven Pit" three times and you will finally get the key to the pit.
07) Healer "Thoram, son of Cadrima"
08) Merchant "Gundgrima"
09) Smith "Ogrim, son of Olgosch"
10) Smith "Arombolosch Ironarm"
11) Smith "Xagula, daughter of Xebrima"
12) Entrance to the Dwarven Pit

If you want to stay for the night, just knock on the doors of the dwarven inhabitants. Some of them will let you stay for free. Be sure to return the key to the priest in the temple of Ingerimm. Otherwise the dwarves will be upset, which may result in the loss of your life.

Translation done by Peridor
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