DSA 2: Tiefhusen (Stadtkarte)
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Tiefhusen City Map (Automap made by Kunar)


01) Route point to the west, leading to the hermit's lake
02) The pier. You may travel to Tiefhusen by ship, but leaving this town is possible by land only
03) Route point to the north, leading to Hilvalla - Norhus – Tjolmar
04) Route point to the east, leading to the Rorwhed or Gashok
05) You may travel to Svellmia – Netherswamps via the South Gate
06) You enter the town through the North Gate
07) "Northern Light" inn
08) "Firun's hail" inn
09) "The dagger and the sword" tavern
10) "Pile o' gold" tavern. You will meet the drunkard Jandor sitting at a table. Ask him for "Star Trail" until he agrees to arrange a meeting with Hensger
11) "At the duck's bead" tavern
12) "Wide World" tavern
13) Temple of Hesinde
14) Temple of Firun
15) Temple of Rondra
16) Temple of Rahja
17) Temple of Boron
18) Temple of Phex. It is locked. You may enter it with the assistance of Hensger only (quest)
19) Temple of Travia
20) Healer "Jasper Elkensiepen". The most incompetent healer besides Tralloper in Gashok. The next recommendable healer resides in Tjolmar
21) Castle Tiefhusen. Closed for visitors and heroes
22) Smith "Tjall Hövensson"
23) Warehouse "At the mistuned lute"
24) Merchant "Meldavia Gosht"
25) Armorer "Runhild Hermertal". Ask her for „Star Trail". She refers you to Jandor in the „Pile o' gold"
26) Merchant "Rogard Gernebsen"
27) Herbalist "Ariona Silverdew". Has fear poison in stock, though it is not too cheap due to Tiefhusen being the second most expensive town in the Svelltdale. Therefore collecting and selling herbs is a nice business in Tiefhusen
28) Hensger is leaning to a tree here. He will only lead you to the temple of Phex, if you talked to Jandor in the "Pile o' gold" before

Tiefhusen is no shopping paradise, in fact it is a trading paradise instead. As already mentioned, Tiefhusen is the second most expensive town, only exceeded by Lowangen. Selling loot and herbs should ease your money troubles swiftly

Translation by Peridor
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