DSA 2: Tjolmar (Stadtkarte)
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Tjolmar City Map (Automap made by Kunar)


01) Route point to the southeast, leading to Norhus
02) Route point to the north, leading to the marshes of Brinnask (the lowlands to the north of Tjolmar)
03) Temple of Ifirn
04) Temple of Rahja
05) Temple of Ingerimm
06) Temple of Firun
07) Healer "Irion". Heals petrified heroes and is the third best healer in the game
08) Smith "Dugobalosch"
09) Smith "Halrima, daughter of Jorma"
10) Herbalist "Ugdalf Abelmin". Has a nice stock of wares. If you plan to transfer your party to "Shadows over Riva", you may invest your money (which would be lost otherwise) into herbs, before entering the Temple of the Nameless
11) Merchant "Halina Druffin"
12) Merchant "Roglom, son of Radresch"
13) Warehouse "Dreaming mummy"
14) "Carriage yard" inn
15) "Bridge guard" tavern
16) "The cosy" inn
17) "Alebeard" tavern
18) "Red Lotus" tavern
19) House of Ingramosch, the dwarven prince. The door can only be opened with the Salamander Stone. Be sure to have the original, not the copy found at Vindaria Leechbronn's house in Lowangen. Do not let the dwarf at the entrance get rid of you, force your way in instead

Translation by Peridor
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