DSA 2: Lowangen (Stadtkarte)
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Lowangen City Map (Automap made by Kunar)


01) If you entered Lowangen via the orc camp, you find yourselves at this point. You cannot go back and will be attacked by powerful orcs each time you try to do this
02) Temple of Boron
03) Temple of Hesinde. If you ask the priest for Lowangen, a map of the town is shown
04) Temple of Travia
05) Temple of Phex
06) Temple of Tsa
07) Temple of Rahja
08) Temple of Peraine
09) Temple of Ingerimm
10) Healer "Jhaell Startrail". Is able to cure petrified heroes and the second best healer in the game (according to Star Trail solution book)
11) Healer "Parinor Vormtann"
12) Healer "Kysira"
13) Warehouse "At the happy mouse"
14) Academy of deformations. You may have your magical items analysed here
15) Magistracy. You may donate weapons and food here. Donating 20 swords will leave you as honorary citizens of Lowangen and 5.000 EPs richer (per head)
16) Hall of Power. This is where to deliver Dragan's packet (Dragan's third mission)
17) "Wonderland" brothel
18) "Thousand desires" brothel
19) "The rod and the mare" brothel
20) "Klonballa's" tavern
21) "The White House" inn
22) "Colourful flight" inn
23) "Little fox den" tavern
24) "The inn" inn
25) "Hammer and Anvil" tavern
26) "Bit and Ducat" inn
27) "Salamanderstone" tavern
28) "Dark eye" tavern
29) "Orc death" tavern. You must follow Gavron from here if you want to recover the Salamander Stone
30) "Svelltje palace" inn
31) "Great freedom" inn
32) "Water and wine" tavern
33) "Little prince" inn
34) "Eydal House" inn
35) "Trenchbog" inn
36) "Hammer and Anvil" tavern. Yes, there are two of them!
37) "At the canal" tavern
38) "Last hour" tavern
39) Merchant "Ugo Plotz". The most interesting one regarding his stock
40) Herbalist "Farmion of the Kvill". Worth a look
41) Merchant "Desdira Falconbrook"
42) Herbalist "Dimiona Adingor"
43) Armorer "Eilif Yasmasson"
44) Armorer "Duridanya Zornbrecht"
45) Merchant "Vistella Ebenborn"
46) Merchant "Jandor Ungert"
47) Merchant "Thorescha"
48) Smith "Thorin Bromkop"
49) Smith "Roglima the Great"
50) Smithery of Ingerimm
51) Castle of the Order of Grey Staves. You will leave the town from here via a secret tunnel. Later on this requires the Lowangen key
52) Black Jandora. She demands 500 ducats for further information in respect of leaving the town. After you bring in Dragan's name this will be cheaper
53) Ailian Sevensprings. Possesses the real Salamander Stone
54) Dragan Escht. You depend on his help and relations. Fulfil his missions
55) Vindaria Leechbronn. Possesses a faked Salamander Stone. More goodies are to be found in her house after a successful fight
56) Smith "Berman Helmisch"
57) Market hall. The fight against 20 beggars earns quite a lot of EPs if this is your first encounter with this kind of enemy
58) Exhibition of Art in Craftsmanship. You need to break in here and steal a brooch (Dragan's second mission)
59) The Vinsalter. Get him to Dragan (Dragan's first mission)
60) Guard house and jail. You will be brought here if you get arrested
61) Castle Lowangen. Fights against guardsmen are not profitable. Quite the opposite, your arms will be confiscated and you will be jailed
62) The North Gate of Lowangen. You cannot leave the town, instead you will be attacked by powerful orcs
63) Rainbow bridge. Donate a few bits otherwise Tsa might be displeased
64) Falkert Duberwin. Dragan's contact in respect of weapons
65) Brin Vaskendantz. Dragan's contact concerning overnight accommodation
66) Master Deringorn. This is his home, although you meet him in the Hall of Power (see 16) usually
67) Raisha Rotenegger. Dragan's contact regarding food
68) Pagon Droler. If you ask him for lodging and want to pay 5 silver coins you may stay for just one night only
69) Zaskia Angrond. You may stay overnight at Zaskia too but you must have got this hint from healer Kysira first. Multiple overnights are possible if you succeed a test on charisma each time

It is recommended that you spend the night at one of the town's brothels. This results in an improved regeneration of LP and EP and apart from that your equipment will be safe!

Translation by Peridor
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