DSA 2: Der Sumpf des Vergessens
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The Netherswamps (Automap made by Kunar)


01) Exit to the north, leading to the Rorwhed (Tiefhusen – Gashok bypass)
02) Exit to the east, leading to the ferryman (Gashok – Neulowangen bypass)
03) This entrance collapses after being used once
04) Exit to the south, leading to the Thash mountains (Lowangen – Arsingen bypass)
05) Exit to the south, leading to Arsingen
06) Exit to the west, leading to the Arsingen – Svellmia riverside road
07) Exit to the west, leading to Svellmia (river port)
08) Fights against orcs, goblins, zombies or swamp rantzies await you in these locations
09) You may stumble upon a poisonous kvill adder here. Beware!
10) A gulmond bush
11) This hedge can only be breached from the north to the south
12) House of the swamp witch. This encounter is enabled if you talked to the lizard chieftain, fulfilled his mission and received Master Eolan's job in Lowangen
13) A large herb garden
14) A cart is stuck in the mud. Besides some items you find 15 ducats
15) Location of the lizard dwelling Ansvell. You may only understand the lizard chieftain if your leader passes a test on "Tongues". In case of need, walk across this field repeatedly, until the text is shown in English. Offer your help and take care of his mission (see 18)
16) A belmart leaf
17) 20 heather plants are lined up along the water's bank. You have to read the swamp rantzy-document (see 21) before you are able to discover them. The eighteenth plant is needed to perform the transformation of the swamp rantzy also known as Agdan Dragenfeld (see 24)
18) The Engulfer lies in wait here. Kill him in order to solve the lizard chieftain's quest and return to location 15
19) A bog body drifts in brackish water. Maybe something special will happen, if the heroes fail a test on necrophobia, though this is unclear by now
20) Some loneberries may be found here
21) The sunk in chest opens as recently as you accept Master Eolan's mission in Lowangen. It contains a net, a healing potion and a swamp rantzy-document. Pick up everything!
22) Zombies dwell in this house. Click on the door to provoke a fight
23) Sorcerer's island. The swamp witch sends you here to sneak in the tower and assassinate its inhabitant. When you are confronted with the fire elemental, choose humble answers like "Help", "Mercy" or "Love" and you shall survive. Take the Noctrux-document and the crystal ball with you
24) A swamp rantzy wearing a dragon ring stands around here. Catch it with the net, but do not kill it! If you have the heather with you and read the Noctrux-document, use the heather to retransform the swamp rantzy into Agdan Dragenfeld. Cure his Numbskull and return to Lowangen together via the secret tunnel

To perform the transformation one hero (whosoever) must have the trapped swamp rantzy, the Noctrux-document (read it first) and the heather in his/her baggage!
Note: To open the chest at 21 it is necessary to turn off the "walk stepwise"-option in the game menu which you can call by pressing the F3 key on your keyboard! Then step towards the chest and it will open. After opening the chest you can return into stepwise mode by pressing the F3 key again and turn the option to ON. This may be a bug in the disk version of Star Trail only which was not fixed.

Translation by Peridor
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