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Dwarven Pit - First Level (Automap made by Kunar)


01) Entrance to the Dwarven Pit
02) This door opens with the rich golden key obtained from the priest in the temple of Ingerimm. In order to leave the pit, you need the gnome's silver key (see level 2, location 17)
03) The skeleton carries a runish document and a glass flask
04) You can search the coal brazier for an asthenil ring. The ring is magical and protects from fire. Apart from that, it can be useful on level 6
05) Climb up the shaft and get the double bearded key. There is also a healing potion here
06) Chest: strong healing potion, elixir of ST, elixir of DX, 2x Hylailian Fire, recipes for Vomicum and Hylailian Fire
07) Chest: quarterstaff, 2x girdle of Might, wolf knife, lantern, 2x oil and a document
08) Chest: alchemy set, robe, kukris mengbilar, 2 bronze flasks, crystal ball, 2x obsidian dagger and a document
09) Chest: this chest will destroy your lockpicks! It contains a bag of fire powder
10) The bearer of the asthenil ring falls into trance at this point and is introduced to the art of forging. This is worth 500 EP
11) Relief of Ingerimm. If you light the torches using a tinderbox, the first three levels of the pit will light up
12) There is a slight risk of getting hurt in this room
13) In this corner you find 3 torches, lockpicks, tinderbox and a mattock
14) You will find a chain, a rope, a crowbar, 2 shovels and a hammer
15) This piece of wall disappears, if you keep walking north. It will take up to 10 attempts however
16) Stairs leading down to level 2 of the pit

Translation by Peridor
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