DSA 2: Die Finsterkoppbinge - 2. Ebene
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Dwarven Pit - Second Level (Automap made by Kunar)


01) Stairs leading up to level 1
02) This lever deactivates the crossbow trap at 13
03) This pressure plate triggers the crossbow trap at 14
04) Chest: cart-grease, crank
05) Chest: throwing axe, hatchet, girdle of Might, skull girdle
06) Chest: girdle of Might, 3 shields, 3 iron shields, 3 boots
07) This hole holds a pouch with some coins and jewels in it
08) The shaft leads to level 1 (upwards) and 3 (downwards) of the pit
09) The door cannot be opened. There is nothing behind
10) If you pull the lever, the floor beneath you will open and you find yourself in a small room, where you have to face 5 undead dwarves. If you are victorious, you may leave the room via a ramp
11) Chest: 10x ration package, 10x tableware, 10x cutlery, 10x water skin, drinking horn
12) This crossbow trap is not loaded
13) The crossbow trap is loaded. You may deactivate it by turning the lever at 2
14) The crossbow trap is not active. See 3
15) This piece of wall descends behind you, when you enter the room to the North. Make sure you took the chain (level 1, location 14) and crank (level 2, location 4) with you
16) You are able to fix the mechanism using a chain and a crank. If you succeed to do so, the wall at 20 opens. In case of emergency a rope does also the trick instead of using the chain.
17) When you try to examine the chest, you are discovered by a gnome. Be polite and donate a present, which is worth 5 ducats at least (a festering toadstool for example). The answer to his riddle is MOOSE. After this you receive the rich silver key, which is necessary to leave the pit. If you laugh at the gnome or attack him, he teleports your party to rather nasty locations of the pit
18) This hole holds a rat trap
19) Stairs leading down to level 3
20) This piece of wall disappears after you have fixed the mechanism at 16

Translation by Peridor
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