DSA 2: Die Finsterkoppbinge - 3. Ebene
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Dwarven Pit - Third Level (Automap made by Kunar)


01) Stairs leading up to level 2
02) The rail truck can be greased with the cart-grease. If one your heroes takes a ride with the truck and does not jump off in time, it will crash against the wooden construction at the end of the path, leaving him unconscious and a few EPs richer
03) The rubble can be cleared out using shovels. The first two heroes receive EP for this task
04) The hallway has collapsed at these locations, but it can be cleared nevertheless
05) The shaft leads to level 2 or 4
06) You find jewelry (red), copper key (big) and an asthenil dagger. The key is useless
07) When you examine the skeleton, it will attack at once. It carries some scrolls of parchment, which crumble to dust very soon. A few fragments are recorded in your diary however
08) There is danger of a caving-in here
09) Chest: 10x piton, rope ladder, rope, grappling hook
10) An agile hero may jump over the pit. Give him a rope, so he can fasten it at the other end.
11) This lever closes the pit at 10
12) Chest: whetstone, dagger (heavy), sickle, 2 knives, dagger
13) Chest: kukris dagger, coins (red)
14) Leave the dwarven graves alone. If you violate them, Ingerimm's wrath will be upon you and you will be attacked by an undead dwarf each time you do this. This is fatal in case you do not have the Salamander Stone already! If you do not want the game to end this early, better ignore this room
15) Your heroes can slide down the ore chute, which is a real joy
16) You can take as much pieces of ore as you can carry. It is rather useless however, so you should take only one piece, in case you want to try out the recipe of moneymaker (which is useless too)
17) Stairs leading down to level 4

Translation by Peridor
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