DSA 2: Die Finsterkoppbinge - 4. Ebene
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Dwarven Pit - Fourth Level (Automap made by Kunar)


01) Stairs leading up to level 3
02) The figures on the well come to life if you examine them. They turn out to be gargoyles, 4 in number. Defeating them will earn you a nice bunch of EP. The well itself is of no further interest
03) You may rope one of your heroes wearing the asthenil ring down the lava pit. There is nothing here however. Alternatively, you can throw in the fire powder discovered earlier. This will cause a somewhat heavy reaction, but it is not critical
04) The shaft leads to level 3 or 6
05) A fight against 4 undead dwarves and 1 zombie awaits you. Besides other goodies, you receive a stone medallion, which is very important
06) A red fur is covering the wall. If a hero slips and shores up against the wall, his hands begin to smart
07) The wall is covered with a blue fur, which cools your hands
08) Do not care about the wheel until you have found the magical waterskin on level 5. After that, return here and give the wheel a twirl. This will let the water flow off
09) You may find a healing potion in this hole
10) Stairs leading to level 5

Translation by Peridor
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