DSA 2: Die Finsterkoppbinge - 6. Ebene
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Dwarven Pit - Sixth Level (Automap made by Kunar)


01) Stairs leading up to level 5
02) Chest: sword, dagger (heavy), cudgel, throwing star, 3x girdle of Might, parchments
03) This piece of wall opens with the double bearded key (see level 1, location 5)
04) This hole contains a pouch with an asthenil knife and some coins (red) in it. You only have one try to recover it! Save your game, if you want to nail down these goodies
05) Chest: pants, robes, shirts, winter coats, quilt armors, five times each
06) Chest: key ring, war axe, 2 heavy crossbows, 40 bolts
07) You may refill your waterskins here
08) Chest: leather vests, leather pants, leather boots, seven times each. You need this clothing in order to cross the plates at 9. Put it back afterwards, otherwise the stairs at 1 will be blocked by a massive wall
09) You may walk safely across these plates if you put on the leather clothing found at 8. On your way back with the Salamander Stone, wearing the asthenil ring is helpful. It is sufficient to send one hero across the plates. He/She must be equipped with a burning torch and the stone medallion found earlier. If you violated the dwarven graves on level 3, attacked the stone golem at 11 or pillaged Ingerimm's treasure (13), you will be burnt while wandering across the plates. Ingerimm does not forgive!
10) Use a burning torch with the wall and a passage to the smithy will open
11) At this point you meet a golem, either by just walking over or smiting the anvil. Give him the stone medallion and do not attack! Otherwise you will not be able to leave this place
12) Chest: contains the Salamander Stone. Accept the bartering
13) Here you will find Ingerimm's treasure. It consists of green coins, green jewels, jewelry (green), 5 jewels, 10 pieces of gold jewelry and 5.000 ducats. If you decide to pillage the chest, you will not escape with your life (see 9). Oh well...
14) The shaft leads to level 4. This area can only be reached via level 4 or the mouth of a cave (see 15). Transversalis does not work!
15) The mouth of a cave leads to the outside or the inside as well, if you approached the mountains from the West. However, it collapses after you have used it once and is no longer available

If you mess around with the drain grate (see 7), you may get Numbskull (e-mailed by cassim)

Translation by Peridor
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