DSA 1: Wolfshöhle
Translation into English

A wolf's lair

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01) Entrance/Exit of the wolf's lair
02) A silver helmet lies on the floor, which is suitable for magicians, too
03) Between the corpses you find several weapons, tools, a chainmail shirt and a debt book. Reading it earns additional EXP
04) The skeleton of (probably) a goblin carries a sabre, a dagger and a brandy bottle
05) Stick your hand into the crack and you receive a yellow amulet, which makes its bearer immune to hunger and thirst. From Star Trail on it is named Amulet of Travia
06) An old lantern lies in the corner
07) The dead elf still has his equipment: dagger, long bow, leather armor, rope, blanket, waterskin, tinderbox, recorder and a potent healing potion
08) There is danger of collapse at this point
09) A skeletal hand of an orc or goblin
10) Searching the pile of dung temporarily reduces your CH by 5
11) See 8
12) A trail of blood leads to the western room
13) A bottomless shaft. Heroes falling down are lost permanently

Translation done by Peridor

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