DSA 1: Die Goblinhöhle
Translation into English

Goblin's cave

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01) Entrance/Exit of the goblin's cave
02) Searching this rubbish heap temporarily reduces your CH by 5
03) A cave bear. The heroes automatically flee around the corner without being harmed (check automap afterwards)
04) The goblin can barely stand and is at death's door. This encounter is text-based also (see cave bear at 3)
05) Fight against 10 giant stag-beetles. This fight alone is worth visiting this cave, as it is the only occasion to meet this kind of enemy and rake in a nice bunch of EXP for this first and unique encounter
06) If you decide to take a closer look you will startle up several bats hanging from the ceiling
07) If you put your hand into the hole in the wall, you may get bitten by a rat, which can cause serious diseases

Annotation: Several goblins you will have to fight in this cave carry special helmets. They look like ordinary helmets, except that they reduce the bearer's CH by one. The warrior-NPC Ardora of Greifenfurt aboard the ship of the dead also carries such a special helmet, denoted with "helmet" in the inventory.

Translation done by Peridor

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