DSA 1: Die Orkhöhle
Translation into English

Orc cave between Skelellen and Phexcaer

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01) Entrance and exit of the orc cave
02) A brandy bottle
03) You may pick up a dagger and 3 bits here
04) A dagger lies in the primitive bed
05) A brandy bottle and 5 bits
06) Another brandy bottle
07) Chest: 40 rations
08) Chest: 8 sabres, 3 spears, 2 maces, a short bow and 40 arrows
09) Put a hero endowed with a high tongues skill in the front row, for example a mage. The chest poses a question in orcish and the correct answer is Tairach. It contains a red moon disc
10) Chest: two-handed sword (magical and unbreakable)
11) Chest: 853 silver crowns
12) Chest: 2x silver jewelry, gold jewelry, elixir of CR, 289 silver crowns and an important orcish document, which turns out to be the orcs' battleplan if the hero concerned passes a test on tongues. In case of need, have several tries. Deciphering the document earns additional EP and is necessary to complete the game!
13) Tasting the orc brew reduces your CH by one
14) Destroying the conflagrative munition earns extra EP. The explosion brings several orcs to the scene though
15) The destruction of the orcish ballista earns additonal EP, too
16) The orcs' latrine
17) This door cannot be opened the ordinary way. The lever at 20 produces relief
18) The statue of Brazoragh (orcish god of war) may only be identified following a successful test on ritual
19) The same applies to the statue of Tairach (lord of the beyond)
20) To unlock the door at 17, your party has to look west in order to discover a lever. It must be pulled and kept down. Detach one hero to do this while the others plunder the chests at 10, 11 and 12
21) A spear trap

Annotation concerning the red moon disc: contrary to several walkthroughs including the official one released by Attic, the disc is not needed in the final battle. This was approved subsequently by chief programmer Guido Henkel in the forum.

Translation done by Peridor

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