DSA 1: Die Schwarzmagierruine
English Translation

The Black Mage Ruins between Rybon and Thoss

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First Level


01) Entrance and exit of the black mage's ruins
02) Fight against orcs who are reinforced after several rounds. Special loot: a bag
03) Use the bag here or at an arbitrary location on this level to open a passage at 4
04) This section of wall disappears after the bag has been used
05) You may get to the next level here. If the test on locks or casting "Foramen" fails, 3 skeletons join the scene. Try again afterwards

Second Level
01) Stairs leading to level 1
02) Illusionary walls which can be passed in both directions. Just step through
03) A young elf woman encourages your heroes to move on (CR +3 for all heroes) and hands over a CR-elixir
04) Fight against a sorcerer and an orc. Loot: 2 potent healing potions, Khunchomer, chainmail shirt and a potent magic potion
05) Stairs leading to level 3

Third Level
01) Stairs leading to level 2
02) There is a small vial lying on the floor. Although it appears to be a CR-Elixir it is an Anti-CR-Elixir instead which reduces your CR by 7. Watch out!
03) Illusionary walls which can be passed in both directions. Just step through
04) A teleporter which transports the heroes to location 5
05) A teleporter which transports the heroes to location 4
06) A sorcerer and an orc block the way. Loot: potent healing potion, chainmail shirt, Khunchomer, potent magic potion
07) You find 500 ducats in this chest
08) Fight against the black mage who stole Yasma's map piece. Watch out, he casts Paralyze too! Loot: map piece, amulet (MR +5) and a kukris mengbilar
09) You may pass through this wall by walking backwards only. The same applies if you want to leave the room. Cast "Transversalis" alternatively
10) This room holds nothing of interest. If you decide to search the room systematically however, your heroes will upset several bottles filled with acid. As a result the entire dungeon is filled with acrid smokes. Make your way to the exit as fast as possible or even better ignore this room completely - you cannot take the bottles with you anyway

Annotation: You cannot discover this ruins until you spoke to Yasma Thinmarsdotter in Thoss.

Translated by Peridor
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