DSA 1: Die Drachenhöhle auf Runin
English Translation

The Dragon Cave on Runin Island

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First Level


01) Entrance and exit of the dragon's cave
02) There is a rat hole in the wall
03) The dwarvish corpse carries: chainmail shirt, hammer, healing potion and a girdle of might. Note: it is the only such girdle in the whole game! The next ones are not found until Star Trail
04) Pulling this lever swaps the traps at positions 5 and 6. The trap at 5 is active upon entering the cave
05) A trap which causes a stinging pain to one of your heroes
06) See 5
07) There is a hole in the wall with nothing in it
08) You may pass through this wall by walking backwards. Cast Transversalis alternatively
09) Chest: 2 magic potions, potent magic potion
10) Chest: 2 healing potions, potent healing potion
11) This pressure plate hides a mechanism which triggers a bolt trap. It can be deactivated though
12) A donation bowl. Due to a bug, you may increase your credit arbitrarily by donating the maximum amount of 999999 silver coins each time
13) You may choose to fight the demon without worries. Because of a bug concerning his LP, he leaves the scene immediately. If you manage to encircle him you may finish him off with a single blow
14) Stairs leading to level 2

Second Level
01) Stairs leading back to level 1
02) A column of fire engulfs the entire party. This trap is not always triggered
03) A lever which burns your fingers in case you try to pull it (the special ring found at 6 offers no protection). It triggers two fights against several mummies in the passage west of the lever (leading to the large room with the chest). Pulling the lever again deactivates these fights
04) Two skeletons block the way to the chest. It contains a magical sword and a magical chainmail shirt* (Please note the annotations below!)
05) The skeleton you have to fight at this point carries a miracle cure
06) After a fight against three zombies, you find a green ring which is said to offer protection against fire
07) After you visited the dragon on level 3, you run into a gang of pirates, who carry the platinum key he mentioned. Bring the key to the dragon and you will be rewarded with additional EP and several special items (crystal ball, magical throwing dagger and several potions)
08) Stairs leading to level 3, location 1
09) Stairs leading to level 3, location 2

Third Level
01) Stairs leading back to level 2, location 8
02) Stairs leading back to level 2, location 9
03) Here you find a trapped dragon who asks you to get a platinum key (see level 2, location 7) which will release him. If you manage to sneak up on him and plunder his hoard silently, you receive the same items that a successful recovery of the key would earn you as a reward plus 200 ducats. A failed plunder has no consequences, as the dragon sends you on the mission nevertheless and rewards you in case of success. If you plundered his hoart successfully you will then have these items twice: crystal ball, magical throwing dagger, magic potion, 2 healing potions
04) The labyrinth offers nothing of interest. It is just the programmers making fun of you. This is revealed via a textbox at the end of the maze

Annotations: If equipped as a weapon, the magical sword increases your attack skill by 2. According to the Analyze spell it is thought to be especially effective against undead enemies. By contrast, the magical chainmail shirt unfolds its full AR ONLY against the undead. Note that it drains its bearer's life points constantly! This is not a disease but an effect of this accursed armor instead. To stop this effect, take it off or even better sell it. Trading the cursed chainmail shirt for a commercially available one should be a much better choice.

The stairs leading from level 2 to level 3 (and back) are not congruent but crossed instead (see level 2, locations 8 and 9 & level 3, locations 1 and 2).

Translated by Peridor
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