DSA 1: Die Zwingfeste
English Translation

The old Fortress in Thorwal

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First Level


01) Entrance and exit of the old fortress
02) If you decide to plunder the shrine of Phex, you will come down in his opinion slightly. As a result, asking for a miracle could be a little more difficult. This is the only consequence though
03) Chest: brandy bottle, dagger, 2 magic potions, 2 potent magic potions
04) A fairly trained perception skill allows you to detect a secret wall here
05) The brigands' supply room: 3 hoes, 2 shovels, 3 ropes, 14 torches, 20 oils, 3 crowbars
06) The pantry contains 50 rations, 20 beers, 20 wine bottles and 5 brandy bottles
07) At these points alarm is triggered
08) Illusionary walls: just pass through in either direction
09) Fight against several brigands
10) A trap which is not always triggered
11) Chest: 9 beers, 3 magic potions, 3 potent magic potions
12) Stairs leading to level 2

Second Level
01) Stairs leading to level 1
02) Chest: 3 short bows, crossbow, 4 throwing knives, 20 bolts, 50 arrows
03) Chest: 4 sabres, 2 swords, 4 daggers, 2 hatchets, potent healing potion
04) A fairly trained perception skill allows you to detect a secret wall here
05) A ladder leads to a small cave which opens out to the sea. Dead end...
06) Fight against several brigands. The key you may take with you afterwards is unimportant
07) Chest: 5 wine bottles, 2 brandy bottles, 2 healing potions
08) Chest: 3x gold jewelry, 2x silver jewelry, brass mirror, robe and 103 ducats. Additionally, you find a plan of this cave level and as a result, the whole automap is revealed
09) You find 3 spears, 3 halberds and a double fleurs between the plunder
10) There is nothing useful between the plunder
11) As soon as you reach this point, a textbox informs you that your work is done and Dramosch will be pleased with you. From now on, you will not receive any more money if you try to enter the fortress once again
12) Unexperienced heroes will notice that this door is rather difficult to open - it is possible however. Try to pick the lock (or use "Foramen") repeatedly or return at a later date when your heroes have become more experienced
13) Stairs leading to level 3

Third Level
01) Stairs leading to level 2
02) A bottomless pit
03) This shaft leads to level 4. A safe descent requires at least 5 ropes, otherwise your heroes will sustain a few injuries
04) You find 4 torches here
05) A spear lies hidden in a nook
06) The corridor has collapsed and is impassable (tools are useless). You may get along if you are able to cast "Transversalis". Otherwise the shaft at 3 is the only chance to explore the lower levels
07) A dead Thorwalian warrior serves as a monument
08) You are attacked by several skeletons
09) The trap cannot be disarmed. Turn on this square to discover and unlock the secret wall at 10
10) A fairly trained perception skill allows you to detect a secret wall here
11) Chest: 6x Hylailic Fire
12) Chest: 3 orc hooks, 3 skrajas, 3 spears and 3 shields
13) Stairs leading to level 4

Fourth Level
01) Stairs leading to level 3
02) The shaft on level 3, location 3 ends here. Climbing back is impossible but there is another alternative to escape the fortress
03) A hoe lies on the floor
04) The corridor has collapsed: dead end
05) A dwarven corpse with an expression of utter terror on his face or what is left of it
06) The blue ring is just decoration without any magic effects
07) After you got rid of the two skeletons in this room, you may enlarge a crack in the ceiling here, finally ending up in the cellar of Gurthag, son of Gardosch. Gurthag seems to be friends with Dramosch and is not upset discovering you in his cellar. From now on you may enter the fortress by Gurthag's smithy as well
08) Something slimy attacks one of your heroes
09) You may swim through here. Better save your game as bad swimmers are lost permanently! Equip the first swimmer with a rope
10) This is where you arrive if you passed the test on swim at 9. The way back requires another dive. Or cast "Transversalis" alternatively...
11) Stairs leading to level 5

Fifth Level
01) Stairs leading to level 4
02) 3 skeletons dwell in this hideout and attack you at once
03) You find an orc hook lying on the floor
04) The heshthot can be fought with magic weapons or combat spells only
05) See 2

Translated by Peridor
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