DSA 3: Der Magierturm - 1. Ebene
Translation in English

The magician's tower - First Level

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01) Here you meet Pergor again. This time in the shape of a combat magician!
02) You may deposit items not needed at the moment on this shelf
03) Fight against 7 robbers and 1 bandit leader
04) Chest: blanket, beer, 2 wine bottles, boots, otter pelt
05) Chest: 2 blankets, 3x beer, pot helmet and 1D 7S
06) Straw pallets. You may sleep here without worrying
07) Desk: take the dog figurine with you
08) The bandit leader's chest: sabre, writing utensils and 4D 5S. The key you find here is needed to open the door to the pantry (see 15, 16, 17)
09) 3 sickles, 3 scythes and 2 whetstones
10) 4 shovels, 2 mattocks, rope, hammer and 5 torches
11) 2 copper cauldrons, 2 knives, 2 tinderboxes, 3 sets of tableware and 10 sets of cutlery
12) Knife
13) A barrel containing fresh water. You may drink thereof
14) Dirty shirt: if you touch it you may fall ill
15) 90 ration packages and 23x fish
16) 40 brandy bottles and 40x liquorice
17) 50 wine bottles
18) 2 brandy bottles, 8 drinking horns, 3 wine bottles, 5x beer, 20 sets of tableware and 22 sets of cutlery
19) Door with a dog head-shaped lock. Use the dog figurine
20) Winch operating the elevator. Usually, one hero would have to stay back here. However, you may take advantage of a bug by which all of your heroes may enter level 2: Split your party, so that one single hero operates the elevator. Send up the remaining 5 (or 6) heroes and switch to the hero at the winch afterwards. Let him spin the winch so the elevator moves down. Leave your position at the winch, enter the elevator and your "imaginary twin" (this is the bug in here) will send you up
21) The elevator. Send up your best fighter first

Translation by Peridor
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