DSA 3: Die Burgfeste von Riva
Translation in English

Fortress of Riva

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01) You are not subject to time limits in this room
02) The corridor may be reached via this secret door
03) Watchtower: having fought here once the guards are reinforced
04) You may run into a guardsman patrol here
05) Fight against 2 guardsmen
06) You find a key on the wardrobe, which allows you to open jail cells
07) Fight against the fortress' blacksmith, a dwarven veteran
08) Chest: iron helmet, plate breaches, chain mail and over 15 ducats
09) The mages are kept imprisoned here. To open the cell you need the amulet key
10) 2 guardsmen stay in the guardroom
11) See 4
12) See 3
13) In the torture chamber you find Rohezal of the Anvil if you ascend the stairs. Fight against several guardsmen and a torturer
14) 8 guardsmen guard the armoury
15) The locker contains lots of equipment
16) Besides arms and ammo for missile weapons you find a magical, unbreakable mace on the weapon racks!
17) See 4
18) The holes on the wall reveal an active crossbow trap. Jam them
19) On the desk you find a small key, which opens the chest containing the Borbarad urns
20) A war ogre stands behind the door
21) In the chest, which can be moved after you talked to the cook, you find 2 healing potions (among other things)
22) Here you meet the medico, who can be overpowered easily, however
23) Besides healing potions and herbs, you find a recipe for miracle cure
24) See 3
25) Leave the priest alone otherwise Praios will take it badly
26) Offertory box containing 500 silver coins. Stealing is not profitable, as you should have enough money already aside from the fact, you will not be needing much at this point of the game
27) See 4
28) The main gate cannot be opened
29) Room of the gate's watch: Fight against 6 guardsmen
30) If you spin the wheel the drawbridge opens. The resulting noise alarms all guardsmen in the fortress. Fighting them is senseless, as reinforcements arrive again and again!
31) Bunk beds: dagger, knife and some money
32) Bunk beds: some money
33) Guardroom: fight against 6 guardsmen
34) Bunk beds: whetstone, tinderbox, drinking horn and some money
35) Bunk beds: flute, licorice, bonbons and some money
36) You may find some herbs in the patch
37) Searching the cart lets you find a blue ring
38) See 4
39) See 4
40) See 3
41) The servants' quarters: overpowering them poses no problems
42) Locker: shirts, pants, shoes, ten each time
43) The cook's chest: 2 whips, boots and some money
44) You find female clothes on the bed. You need to have acknowledged this in order to interrogate the cook. Prior to this you must have talked to the imprisoned mages, however
45) In this chamber, you have to defeat the guard captain in order to get the amulet key. This will open the cell, where the mages are imprisoned. You need to have talked to Rohezal prior
46) Open this chest with a "Foramen" spell. You find 2 whirlweeds, a heavy dagger and over 5 ducats
47) While searching the bales of straw, you may get poisoned by a spider. As a consolation, the affected hero receives 250 EP. A high agility allows you to avoid this experience possibly
48) You find several lighting materials beneath the rubbish. Torches, lanterns, oils and tinderboxes
49) In this chest you find a chain mail, a healing potion and 10 ducats
50) The imprisoned mages stay here
51) Fortress kitchen: if you turn the cook loose after the interrogation you receive 500 EP
52) In the food cupboard you find ration packages, licorice and alcohol
53) The small key on Bosper's desk opens the chest. Take all the Borbarad urns with you and return to the circular staircase, where you entered the fortress
54) After Rohezal thanked you, you return to the guild's headquarters automatically. Solving this quest earns 5000 EP as a reward

Translation by Peridor
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