DSA 3: Die Gemächer der Königin
Translation in English

The chambers of the Queen

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01) Glissade into the chambers of the queen
02) Only the Borbarad egg enables you to walk past this point
03) Corpse pit = illusion
04) Bubbling basin
05) Fight against a worm (random encounter)
06) Fight against a worm
07) 12 healing dragees
08) Random encounters with several worms
09) Worm school: sneaking past is possible else see 10
10) Fight against the worm disciples (16 worms)
11) Illusionary abyss
12) Breeding room: fight against 20 worms
13) Illusionary fire barrier
14) Fight against 2 worms
15) 5 plant stalks
16) 3 beetle claws (swords) and 3 Termite carapaces (armour)
17) Random encounters with 2 worms
18) Room of illusions: always do the opposite of what an upright hero would do
19) Teleportation to the labyrinth
20) Having found the labyrinth's exit, you find yourselves here
21) Use flower flute (construction: first combine a sting and a plant stalk to receive a blowgun, afterwards combine it with a beetle claw)
22) Fight against the fake queen
23) See 21
24) Glissade into the hall of mirrors
25) Fight against your doubles (mirror images)
26) Fight against the real queen
27) Use the mages' amulet to end the game

Translation by Peridor
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